It’s been a thousand years of war and words. When civilisations clash, they do so with the force of ancient time and countless souls. It’s not like there is any one thing you can point to and prove one view correct or the other wrong. It might take another thousand years to undo all of the conflict – and maybe even that is wishful thinking. Half a million suns have moulded, baked and then hardened feelings that run deeper than we might realise.

But, you know, all I can feel is the magic of the moment; and all I can see right now are things that I can overcome. So we can resolve this right here, tonight. Let me show you how.

You just need to feel the moment. Can you feel it with me? And right now the moment is so intense, and the night’s winds make us feel invincible and forever young. Our playground shelter protects us from the drizzle. The city all around is buzzing. The trees seem to dance with our tune. Everything is moving, as though the world also wants to be part of our magic. At this very point, in our little sanctuary, we are the centre of the universe. Young at heart, and feverish with passion, we clutch zealously for warmth and belonging. It’s dark and cold, but nowhere else will you find so much light and warmth. You see, though civilisations have failed, we can overcome.

A thousand years is a long time, is it not? Above our heads, and above the thick dark clouds, the sky is still and clear. In the cold brilliance and purity of this black night, it is scattered with countless stars, and they watch over us. And armed as they are with the hope and disappointment of a thousand years, they might disagree with our brave venture; with our sense of empowerment; with our passions, even. This thought bothers me and it bothers you. Like a reflex, our grasp on each other fastens. What would a million people with a thousand years know? And the wet wind only fuels this flame in our heart. Like the stars, our heart is burning also. They burn with hydrogen, and we with passion. But we do not have so much time.

A thousand years is a very long time and even stars fade. Can we really endure this? Even now, still, the moment is too overwhelming. We are in a trance. We gaze piercingly into each other’s souls searching for the answers; but the answers are becoming hard to find. In all those years, somewhere, they have been lost. Like stray stars racing across the night sky, we are having trouble finding our way.

It is such a long time. Our search is taking ages, and our little hearts are hurting now. Can we really overcome all these years of pain? Perhaps a thousand years really is too long. Maybe it is too much to resolve in one night, though magical it is. Maybe it is all too much to contain in two young, injured souls. And now we can no longer feel the moment.

And suddenly it dawns on us. Now we see – we underestimated the pain of so many years. Can we forget all of this hurt? Can we forgive each other’s differences? Can we really solve a thousand year old conflict?

Can we solve even our own?


Golden Spring

From the cold stormy rain
The cause  of Winter’s stain
A blossoming of life and seed
In their glorious shine and glee

The scent of red and green
Inspire the young to breath
So bond with rigor and zeal
In a moment of beautiful still

Embrace in the clutch of life
So nothing can tear their grasp
Under shade of leaves serene
An almost perfect scene

But as like the frost must go
The green turns old and dry
And new winds blow away
This gold that cannot stay.

Taieri Gorge Railway

Taieri Gorge

With bumps and squeeks

Our 1960 carriage

Cuts through valleys

Green and yellow

Deep they frame

Sturdy and sure

Rivers twinkling

And mountains mellow.

The weather is imperfect

Cloudy and bright

But just as we exit 

A stone-cut tunnel

The sun bursts through

My window’s reflection

Her golden locks

Painting her eyes

A deep sky blue

And pierces my mind

And colours my view.


We now wind back

Through valley and hill

The carriage half empty

Or is it half full

The winding is  gentle

And deepens her hue

Reflections now dim but

I think she smiles too.